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Roland Thiessen, Director

Roland is a shareholder and director of Westcap Group Inc., an industrial company with controlling interests in oilfield and agriculture manufacturing, bespoke food products and services, real estate, and agriculture operations. Roland is involved in business development including production processes, plant design, product development, and team building. He consults on a variety of levels, drawing from over 35 years of industry experience. He has developed and marketed a number of agricultural products including tillage tools, livestock equipment, grain handling equipment, and grain storage solutions. He has also helped develop oilfield equipment including tanks, mud separation, and liquid management systems. His strong suit is developing the manufacturing processes to produce the equipment. He has founded several successful businesses including De-in Industries Ltd, Peace Land Fabricating Ltd. and TAU Group, a Ukraine based agri-business that controls more than 15,000 acres and is involved in the production of grain, milk, vegetables and logistics. He remains involved in several humanitarian projects in Ukraine, helping to create sustainable business, and maintaining a parenting care program for a number of needy children.

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