IQ Energy and Boundary Energy design, build, and market clean energy products focused on converting otherwise underutilized waste streams into valuable ‘clean’ energy, helping to reduce global pollution through a suite of environmentally sustainable technologies.  The companies’ principal products are; IQ Energy Inc – patented Indirect Gasification Systems, Counter-flow Bio-Mass Gasification Systems; Boundary Generator Inc – Let-Down Expander Generator Systems and WET-ORC heat recovery generators.

IQ’s Indirect Gasification Systems are manufactured under US and Canadian patents owned by IQ Energy Inc. Both the Indirect and Counter-Flow Gasification systems can convert a broad range of waste materials such as waste plastics, MSW, sewage sludge, agricultural wastes and manures, woody bio-mass (and many others) into clean and valuable thermal and electrical energy. The IQ Energy team has been active in developing bio-mass gasification energy systems through-out North America and have more than 30 years of experience in the gasification field.
The Boundary WET-ORC technology employs a unique patent pending system to convert the thermal energy produced from IQ’s gasification systems into electricity that can be used on site or sold back to the grid.  The Boundary WET-ORC systems are also capable of converting ultra-low-grade thermal energy from simple solar collectors, thermal wind-mills, industrial manufacturing, waste processing and conventional power generation facilities, into valuable electricity as well. The Boundary WET-ORC systems are distinguished from their competitors by offering very low cap-ex/op-ex and the unique ability to operate the ORC cycle at very low temperatures, opening almost unlimited opportunities to convert a broad range of ‘cool’ thermal energy sources into emission-less clean electricity.

The Boundary Let-Down Expander/Generator sytems employ a unique patent pending technology to convert any high pressure gas into mechanical energy and then into electricity that can be used on site or sold back to the grid.  Boundary employs a proprietary Low-Cost Reciprocating Expander capable of recovering energy from CNG, LNG or NG let-down applications with pressures up to 3500 psig.


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